ABCO Hair Show - Houston, TX October 2000

I was just goofing around here, please forgive me Ms Model!

Thanks for visiting. I shot 8 rolls of film, over 200 images at this event. Of course not all will be in focus, or some people will have their eyes closed. Regardless, I am working hard to get all the good images online for you to veiw and enjoy.

I shot about 50 pictures in Black & White, which some of you may enjoy. Each picture is identified with a ROLL# DASH IMAGE# such as R3-02 means roll 3 image 2. Please refer to images in that manner if you decide you would like to order any.

As I scanned the pictures in, I have taken artistic license and done some preliminary image cropping, as the whole image doesn't always send the proper message. I also have the ability to modify the image digitally to clean up background, or just make things disappear (see before/after below). Digital files are available upto 30 megabytes in size.

I am looking forward to having the opportunity to meet some of your photographic needs, now and in the future. Also, if you happen to need images for your portfolio, I'd be very interested in discussing this with you.

Prices for reprints are different than prices for commercial use of the images. If you would like to use any of the images commercially, I am sure we can work out a reasonable deal as I am very interested in the exposure.

As of 10/2/2000, All 8 rolls are processed, scanned and cataloged! Sadly, I had my flash one setting too weak, and some of the slides are darker than I like, so I have tweaked with the scanner to give you an idea of what is there! Enjoy!


Before After



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